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Beeline Bandwidth Test Top 50

Today's fastest users
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1 K/s03:00:27 
2 K/s08:20:58 
3 ipd50aa66e.speed.planet.nl1540 K/s01:10:39 
4 d-79-117-154-215.craiova.rdsnet.ro1270 K/s07:18:02 
5 public-gprs386739.centertel.pl1237 K/s10:20:35 
6 nc-66-86-65-206.dhcp.centurylinkservices.net438 K/s06:21:07 
7 fctnnbsc36w-156034078184.pppoe-dynamic.High-Spee366 K/s02:59:37 
8 K/s09:38:07 
9 K/s04:08:36 
Created on: Thu Mar 30 10:41:29 CET 2017.
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